5 Advantages of Using Drupal Developer for Your Website

5 Advantages of Using Drupal Developer for Your Website

Anyone who has some idea about a website or web page development must have heard of the name Drupal. Drupal is one of the most famous open source platform written in PHP having a content management framework. As of now, it is being used by more than 1.3 million members who are actively contributing every day to making it easier to use. It easily meets most of the criteria and the requirement of the features that a professional developer looks for in a platform. Drupal is being used by millions of web pages and websites and they are updated every day according to the current demands. Released in 2000, Drupal has gone from strength to strength and recently released the stable version.

The reason Drupal is so famous among the users because of its so many features. The users have an abundance of choices and features to work with and they can possibly do everything that they imagine in their mind. In addition to that, Drupal also allows its users to have a large number of extensions as well, which can be used to customize their websites. 5 of the major advantages of Drupal that makes it the fan favorites are:

  • Open source: 

As mentioned in the starting of this blog, Drupal is an open source platform which makes it easier for anyone around the world to use it as per their requirement. The platform has a very easy to understand user interface which makes it extremely easy for the developer to design and develop the website efficiently in a short period of time. Developing the website on an open source platform reduces the overall cost of the website development and designing.

  • Customizable: 

Drupal is a highly customizable platform in which the user can use hundreds of plugins or extensions to serve their purpose without any difficulty. The members of the Drupal community are adding hundreds of extensions each month so that the other members don’t have any problem in achieving what they aim to achieve. There are also many different themes and templates ready made for the website so that the developer can choose for them and saves their time. These themes and templates are available in huge numbers and there are enough to cater to the need of one for any type of business venture.

  • SEO optimized: 

SEO is a very important tool in today’s world where most of the thing is done online. Since having an online presence is such an important thing, it is pretty important for your website to show up high in the rankings when something relevant to your business venture is searched in any search engine. The ranking of your website depends on the placement of the keyword in the coding of your website. These placements are pretty important as they must be identified and recognized by the algorithm of the search engines in order to boost up the ranking. This thing is easily achieved and optimized with the help of the Drupal platform.

  • Security: 

There is a dedicated team which makes sure that the Drupal platform remains safe and secured at every point in time. The platform updates itself automatically at a regular interval of time and completes the security patches itself as well. This makes sure that the all the hackers stay clear away from the platform and the members can easily do their work without any difficulty or threat.

  • Scalable: 

One of the major advantages of the using Drupal platform is that it is highly scalable. One can easily add 5 pages to a website and then 50000 pages without facing any difficulty at any point in time. Changes can be made innumerous number of times and at any point of time which helps in keeping the site updated and with the current demands of the market.

These are just 5 of the advantages of the Drupal, which can be easily understood even by a person who doesn’t have much knowledge about the website development. There are many more technical advantages of the platform as well, which makes it an absolute delight for the developers. In simpler words, Drupal gives developer an open platform to work their heart out and see it becoming a reality at no cost at all.