5 Crucial Questions Before Hiring Your Web Designer

5 Crucial Questions Before Hiring Your Web Designer

One invests a large amount of money in any kind of business they are starting with if they are serious about it. But just starting the business is not the end of all the problems, one has to advertise either extensively or smartly in order to let the world know about the existence. Doing the advertising extensively is very costly as you’ll have to pay different sites to advertise your website and the services you are providing. The other option is doing the advertising smartly. This can be done by designing the website in such a way that the world takes notice of its own. Making the people aware of your existence just on the basis of the way your website is designed will be a thing of its own because of which you’ll be entertaining a huge traffic on your website in no time. But for doing this, you’ll need a web designer who is competent enough and knows the tips and tricks that are involved in the business in order to give you a final product which is admired by everyone.

The simple trick to know if the web designer you are in contact with is up for the job or not is to just ask them the following 5 questions. This will help you in understanding the nature of the designer as well as his methodology while working.

  • Communication skills:

The web designer with whom you’ll be working with should be comfortable while sharing the ideas that are coming in their mind regarding the designing of the website. The whole look of the website depends on his or her imagination and if they don’t freely discuss their vision with you, then they won’t be able to use all of their skills. In addition to all this, discuss the mode of communication as well, that is if you will be meeting with them in person or all the interaction will take place through the electronic media. The working hour of the developer, what will happen if there are some problems and other things should be discussed and analyzed.

  • SEO expertise: 

The designing and the development of the website should be done in such a way that it is SEO friendly. Anyone with even the beginner’s knowledge about website in today’s world will know the importance that SEO plays. The person you are talking with may be good in designing the website, but there is a chance that they are good in SEO related things as well. This specialization can be used the coding part of the website. Although before agreeing on anything, you should ask them what techniques they use in SEO and what is the time period do they expect from the website to show a boost in the rankings. If the designer says a week or a month, then you should directly say no to them because they’ll be using small tricks that show a boost for the website for a few days and in turn harm the website as well.

  • Speed: 

It is important to know how much time will the designer be able to complete the task assigned to them. You don’t want the designer to do all the designing in a short period of time in a haphazard manner or to take a lot of time in designing itself. There should be an equilibrium between the time taken by the designer for designing the project assigned to them and the quality of the final product that they give.

  • Content management system or Brochure?

The websites are usually of two types. First one is the type which automatically or dynamically adapts according to the preference of the user and what they like to see, that is on the basis of the content that user like to see, the content that they will be seeing is managed and the other one is the type on which the content is fixed and can only be changed when the developer wants to change it.

  • What happens if something happens to their business?

What will happen to the website or the content and the design of it if the business of the developer gets closed because of any reason or if they move out to some other business? It is important to know the future of your website and be sure that it is not so much dependent on the business of others that the closure of their business will have a huge impact on that of yours.