What to avoid in web design

What to avoid in web design

There are so many websites today and creating one has been made very easy. You can come up with a website in a very easy way. The challenge lies in making that site usable. When you are building a website, it is important to remember that it has a role. If you are setting it up, then you should know that is the face that will meet the world. This should not be a place where people get to know you, but also a place for interaction with your donors, fans, and customers. Getting the website design right is, therefore, a very important thing. A site can be attractive, but still not have that focus that is required.

There are some mistakes that should be avoided to come up with the best website. You may not even be aware of the mistakes. However, when you are informed, you realize that your site becomes even better than it was before.

Search box

The web is a great source of information. It does not matter the kind of site it is, people need a search box so they can filter information and get what they are looking for fast. When you have a search box that is visible, the visitors get exactly what they want and they can make the search efficiently.

Clutter on your homepage

One of the things people see is your homepage and it tells them a lot about your site. If you want people to gain interest on your site and proceed with more activities, you need to make an impression.

The mistake that is made is when the homepage is cluttered with many things that are unnecessary. This makes many people walk away. When it comes to design, you should remember that less is more. Avoid using multiple fonts, images, and texts that end up making it look chaotic.

Navigation frustrations

Your site may be really hard to navigate. You may have navigation links that are too hard to find or with invisible buttons. They may also be in the wrong location. These situations can really frustrate the visitors.

So as to organize your site well, you need common sense, intuition, and simple logic. It is important to make the visitors find all that you need using bars that are easy to navigate. The navigation should not be too flashy. They need to be easy and have textual descriptions for the links provided. The navigation can be organized and streamlined in accordance with website theme. A site needs clarity so as to be professional.

Stale content

The content of your website is what draws people to it. The failure or success of the site will depend on the structuring of the content. There are people who do not concentrate on paragraphs, sub-headings, headings, keywords, and bullets. Using a page title for all pages allows the users to know where they are.

The worst thing is when you have content that is not relevant to the website. This can make the site fall to the bottom when it comes to ranking. The content should be organized and should be consistent and up-to-date. You need to add more content from time to time and correct any past mistakes that could have been made. It is important to consider spacing between the text and the images by the use of margins.

Interface that is inconsistent

Over-creativity is never a good thing for any site there are designers who have different designs for individual pages in a website. This makes it annoying and confusing to some level. Regardless of the appearance of the site, if the feel and look are not consistent, then it is impossible for the users to relate. You need a template that is standard and consistent too for the pages and use links to connect to the homepage. The design and keywords should be simple to avoid confusion.

Sites without a call to action

Therefore, you have provided the information in a user-friendly manner. However, you do not let the people know what you want them to do with the information. This is the call to action and it motivates people to do something. You can ask them to follow, buy, share, view, register, subscribe, or even download depending on what the site is about. The main goal of the website should be to get visitors to act.

Consider the above things while designing and you will end up with a great website at the end of the day.