What to Look for in a Web Designer or Design Agency

What to Look for in a Web Designer or Design Agency

It is important to ponder some time over deciding who should be the web designer or which agency should be given the mantle to design your website. The website is your identity on the internet and it should be presented in such a way that it resonates in your business and the values attached to it. The website should reciprocate what you are trying to sell so that users can sense a connection between what they are seeing and experiencing on the website and what it would be like to have the product in real life.

Since it is such an important post, one should be very careful about whom they are hiring and the various aspects of the designer or the agency which you are in contact with should be looked into meticulously. Some of the basic things that one need to look into while they are about to hire someone for the designing of their website are: –

  • Their own website: 

If a person or an agency claims themselves to be the web designer, then they must be having a website of their own. Visit it and see if it appeals to the eye, what was the first impression that you got when it first opened and is it the correct representation of the services that are being provided. Other things you can look for on their website is the user interface and if it can be accessed on the mobile. How easy is to work on their website, is all the information present in a simple and direct way.

  • Their past and present clients: 

You can ask them to show their portfolios. It will help you in understanding the type of clients that they usually deal with and the type of website they are more comfortable in developing and designing. One can also visit those websites and cross check if the company is still using, the website that was developed by them. You can check if there is a recognizable name in their past or present clients and visit their site to analyze if the designers have represented the company well, will you use this website yourself or you will like to have more changes in it, if the objectives of the company were met with the help of the website designed.

  • Capabilities: 

What the designer can do is their capability, different designers have different capabilities nowadays because there is a large number of software available in the market as of now and it is not possible for someone to learn every one of them. You should decide what skill set is best suited for your vision of the website. See the CVs of each member of the agency so that you can get an idea if they specialize in a single field or the team comprises of the members who are the jack of their trades and give a lot to the table so that their client, that is you, can choose from what is being offered.

  • Communication: 

Communication may seem to be the silliest thing on this list, but it is the most important if you’ll ask others. It is important for both the parties to make each other understand what they want from each other and what they can offer, at what rate and time. It is important for the designer to understand the things from your point of view and then analyze it and then present their vision to you so that a common ground can be reached. If anyone of the party is not so good with the communication and are hiding things, then things can take a turn for the worse. The agency’s that make tailor-made websites for you should be preferred because those websites will be made according to your own need and no unnecessary elements will be there. Most of the agencies out there in the market have ready-made brochures to give to the client in the name of the website development. These brochures have many unnecessary things that are not needed by you and may send the wrong signal to the users or to your customers.

These are some of the few things that you must look into before deciding on to the developer who will design your website.