How to make your Web Design look good from both Inside & Out

How to make your Web Design look good from both Inside & Out

It is necessary these days to have a simple and attractive web design. If your page experiences, even a small disturbance or appears congested in terms of visual appearance or understanding, then there is a high probability that a user will not spend time on your page, but would move on to another more exciting and more easily understandable web page, even if it does not have as much information as your page does. Keep it simple and keep it visually appealing. Here are some points that can help you make your web design look good, both inside and out.

  • Designing from inside out: This is one of the best tips when it comes to web design. Do not concentrate on the header as your first step. It will be just as easy and convenient to prepare the general information and the body of the page before the header. The header must be complementary to the rest of the information, but most of the time, it is the data inside which is more important than the header. If you have already collected all the detail data, it would also be easier to generate a catchy and appropriate header for your page.
  • Minimalistic approach for homepages: Literally no one goes through each and every word on a page. We generally scan rapidly and search for the relevant words or phrases on the available page. With this thing in mind, always try to target the mindset of the person reading your page. Try to provide just the words or phrases related to the information for which he/she is searching. Keeping the homepage to a minimum will not only make the user go through each and every menu or phrase on the page, but will also allow him/her to directly go to the required information without much hassle.
  • Visual direction: It is really important for a web designer to understand the importance of providing a good visual direction for the user of your page. Visual direction is basically providing a defined visual movement to the viewer by the use of relevant pictures or other visual elements. It has been proven that the motion of the eye is from left to right. In web page design, the movement of the eye from top left to bottom right is convenient for the viewer.
  • The value of audiovisual elements: Providing a short, informative video or just light background music can do wonders for your page. It will not only lighten up the mood of your page but will also leave an impact on the subconscious of the viewer.
  • Storytelling: Creating a bond between all the data available on your pages and telling it like a story, one page after another, can be very helpful. All the interrelated information must have a link from one to the other so that all the relevant information is imparted to the viewer and he/she also goes through all the data on your website. Do not mention all the data in a single view and clutter the look of your design. Moreover, it would also make the viewer more apt to leave your site.
  • The visual aspect: Most web designers already know the answers to the following questions: What type of font must be used in such a space? What colors provide a good contrast to each other? Does the whole color scheme go together harmoniously? Where should the focal point be? Does the page have proper visual flow? Does everything look balanced? Does the form follow the function? If you too have the answers to the aforementioned questions, it is most likely that you are ready to create pages which are going to look pretty attractive from the inside as well as the outside.

There can be a lot more put into a web design. However, if you have acquired the basic knowledge of how to make beautiful pages from the inside as well as the outside, your first step towards being a successful web designer has already been achieved. However, to be a successful designer, do not always try to seek inspiration from online assets. Switch off your screens once in a while. Take out your notepad and go out in public or to the markets and seek inspiration from products and advertisements, sketch it out and give the web pages a fresh and attractive design.

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