Trends that set you Apart: SEO Techniques that every Web Designer should know

Trends that set you Apart: SEO Techniques that every Web Designer should know

Web designing and SEO go hand in hand nowadays. Even a beautiful and user friendly web design cannot be called successful without SEO integrated into its development. Web designers are required to learn the use of SEO to make their design stand out from the rest. SEO must be woven into your web design to ensure the high ranking of your page on search engines so that more and more people visit your link on a regular basis. Here are some SEO techniques which can greatly enhance your web design.

  • Smart and mobile responsive design: Most search engines always show the smart and screen-responsive pages first. These days most internet users access the web via mobile phones or tablets. Your web pages must be designed with consideration of response and view when being used on such devices.
  • The loading speed: As per search engine optimization recommendations, your page must be as light as possible so that it gets loaded easily and as quickly as possible even using low internet speeds. Heavy websites not only affect the SEO ranking, but also lose most potential visitors even if you have created an attractive web page.
  • URL orientation: Most search engines do not show your URL link in searches for a topic related to your page if your page has an ambiguous URL name. Having an informative word or phrase in your URL, not only increases the ranking of your URL link, but also increases the chances of your URL being identified easily by the searcher.
  • Clean coding: Using the most straightforward and cleanest coding is one of the most effective ways of increasing your ranking on search engines. Search engines can easily read the instructions if the coding has been done in a clean direct manner. Learn to write effective code which is also shorter in length. Pages stuffed with a lot of complicated coding have a really low chance of attaining a good ranking.
  • Minimize the use of flash content: SEO is not effective with flash content. Try to avoid lots of flash content as it not only decreases your chances of being read but also makes the page heavy and difficult to load.
  • Testing on multiple browsers: Many times your page layout will work perfectly with one browser but will have problems with another browser. It is mandatory to check the compatibility of your page with multiple browsers before launching it.
  • Effective and efficient use of Java script: Search engines prefer the links with minimal use of Java script. Java script can lead to very good web pages, but too much use of Java script can lead to a negative impact on SEO.
  • Effective navigation: A properly maintained navigation system throughout your website can not only help the users of your website, but can also assist the search engine in navigating through all the information available on all your pages easily. All your pages must be linked to one another in the proper manner.
  • Image sprites: Use of image sprites can actually make your pages light. An image sprite is basically a collection of several small images clipped together, which makes your page load easily and directly affects your search engine optimization.
  • Crawlers access: Search engines cannot easily crawl and navigate through all the menus and bars of your website, so you have to make sure that the relevant phrases or words are read by the search engine in order to display your URL as a top rank. For the same reason, it is very important to know some techniques like Robots.txt and Rel=Canonical.

In order to become a successful web designer, you need to be equipped with all the techniques required to reflect your website as a top rank in all search engines. Search engine optimization has become extremely important in the web world today and the aforementioned points can help you learn how to get the most traffic possible to your site. To make your website or links a success in this jungle of digital data, it is very important to hire such a web designer who possesses a thorough knowledge of search engine optimization.

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