User-friendly sites and their importance

User-friendly sites and their importance

There is one big mistake that many businesses make when they are creating websites and that is usability. This is one of the areas that are often neglected and as such, many would be customers get frustrated and look elsewhere. For any website to be a success, then usability needs to be looked into. This can improve your site performance and there are even better chances of boosting your revenue and sales.

Successful websites look great, but they also give visitors an experience that is seamless. Usability is what sets you apart from all others. User-friendly sites make it very easy and fast for the visitors to locate the kind of information that they may be in need of.

You can improve your site’s usability in different ways. There are characteristics that can help you gauge if your site is user-friendly or not. These are recommendations that can allow the website to be much more appealing to all customers and make you successful in your online venture.


A very large population in the phone are mobile phones that are connected to the internet. As such, many people access the internet using handheld gadgets. It is very important to create a website that is optimized for mobile use. You should use a mobile phone to access the website once it goes live and then find out how well it looks. There is also the mobile site tester provided by Google that can help in the determination. If you can access the site using a handheld gadget, you may consider creating a mobile version.


Your site should be accessible to all and this includes people who have disabilities or even the elderly. There are users who need screen-readers to use the internet. There are some simple techniques that can be used to ensure that the site you have created can be easily accessed and this makes it reach a greater audience.

Information architecture

One of the most important things is how exactly the information is presented and organized. This is one way of ensuring greater usability. Sites need to give a lot of information as well as resources so as to achieve the market that they desire. The site sections have to be planned very carefully to give information in a way that users can find it fast. You need to think of the user perspective and it is very important if there is a lot of content available there.

Scanning the content

The content that you provide should be formatted in such a way that it can be easily scanned. This allows users to pick up the most important things that they want according to relevance. Content should always be formatted bearing this in mind. Use headings, sub-headings, bullets, lists, paragraphs, and so on to break up the text, making it even easier for scanning.

Loading times

When a website takes too long to load, it becomes very annoying for the visitors and as such, many will simply give up on it. Slow speed is usually discouraging to many people. It is important to have a website that loads within a few seconds to improve usability and encourage more people to use the site.

There are tools that can be used to test the usability of a site. You should always seek for tools that can be used to test the speed of your site.


Compatibility is often overlooked during design. There are great sites that are usually neglected with time and this causes a great problem. This is not a good thing when to come to branding since the usability of the sire can be affected.

There is an evolution of the current browsers and this has made them to be more efficient. However, there are still inconsistencies in how a browser interprets a website. You need to ensure that your site is consistent and it should behave and appear as such across all the different browsers. It is such simple things that make a professionally designed website stand out from all the others.

Effective navigation

This is a great aspect of website usability. There are scripts that appear to be quite consistent with some platforms and browsers and they are the best to use. The navigation needs to be catered for.  A user-friendly site plays a very important role in the website success. If you want a seamless experience, then you need to improve your chances of success.