The Best Web Design Firms


Rankings as of 2023

From our list of web design experts, you will gather quick details about the company such as range of pricing for the services they offer, number of employees under the company and even where they are located. With the details, you should be in a position to find a company that is nearest to you, affordable and bound to deliver results beyond your expectations. Whatever your website needs you will find a company that you can trust with your project.

Big Drop Inc

Big Drop Inc is undoubtedly an industry leader in web development in New York. The company focuses its efforts on digital marketing and SEO to create websites that are not only aesthetically appealing but also functional. They emphasize on accommodating the needs of each client while keeping in mind the dynamic nature of the internet.


The web development experts at Big Drop Inc have consistently delivered incredible results for clients from the business and corporate world. Their experience in implementing world class SEO centered web design focuses on seeing their client’s businesses enjoy online visibility, generate leads and maximize their potential for growth.



Lounge Lizard

Lounge Lizard is a leading web solutions company operating from New York. For the last 19 years, the company has refined its services to become one of the best web designers in the world. The team at Lounge Lizard strives to provide a unique platform by incorporating the latest developments in the industry. They also provide post-launch support for all websites, SEO services, responsive web design, digital media solutions, e-commerce solutions, web hosting solutions, web applications development, mobile app development, CMS maintenance and other services. All websites built by Lounge Lizard stand out for their fluid navigation and great user experience. The freshness of every website is important for businesses competing in highly crowded niches.



Max Burst

Max Burst is one of the best website design and development companies in New York. The company launched its services in 2000 and has built a strong client base based on its discernible style which helps businesses to cut their niche in the online platform. The company also provides other web solutions including SEO, e-commerce development, custom web development, social media services, security and backup solutions, and database design among other solutions. They have managed to distinguish their websites through creative graphic and high functionality. The team of Max Burst collaborates closely with the client to guarantee total satisfaction. The support team is always at hand for any post-launch issues that may arise.



Top Web Design Companies of 2021

Company Website Location Employees
1. Big Drop Inc New York 100+
2. Lounge Lizard New York 26-50
3. Max Burst New York 26-50
4. Blue Fountain Media New York 51-100
5. DotcomWeavers New Jersey 26-50
6. EIGHT25MEDIA California 26-50
7. Taoti Creative Washington, DC 26-50
8. Kohactive Illinois 51-100
9. TP1 Canada 11-25
10. Unleaded Group Colorado 26-50
11. Lead to Conversion Ohio 26-50
12. Doejo Illinois 26-50
13. Old City Interactive Washington, DC 11-25
14. Constructive New York 26-50
15. WebPageFX Pensylvania 100+
16. MPC Studios Texas 1-10
17. Bizzuka, Inc. Louisiana 26-50
18. Illusio Design Oregon 1-10
19. Clockwork Design Group, Inc. Massachusetts 1-10
20. Sumatosoft Belarus 26-50
21. Bright Bright Great Illinois 1-10
22. ePageCity Illinois 11-25
23. Skuba Design Louisiana 51-100
24. Designzillas Florida 26-50
25. Cadre Georgia 51-100
26. Mightybytes Illinois 26-50
27. Intechnic Illinois 26-50
28. Forge and Smith Canada 26-50
29. Junction Creative Georgia 51-100
30. R2integrated Maryland 100+

Things To Check When Choosing The Best Web Design Company

Having the right team behind you makes it possible for you to finally have a website that speaks volumes about your brand and level of professionalism. Remember that users easily judge your brand by the appearance of your website and the content within it. The web design firm experts that you choose should be able to create a website that speaks on your behalf. Our list of top companies does help in narrowing down your search but then again, there are a few things you must look into to choose a company that won’t disappoint.

Web Design Stat

Company portfolio

A reliable web design firm should have an expansive portfolio to its name. You can tell the quality of services it offers by the number of clients it has and the type of industries it has managed to create websites for. A company that has an impressive clientele and in various industries means that it is flexible enough and has what it takes to meet all kinds of needs. You can visit some of the websites it has created to see whether you like what you see before making your choice.

Services offered

The truth is there is so much that goes into a website than just design for it to work for you. Instead of looking for a web designer specialist who solely focuses on design, it would be much better to find one that offers a full range of services. The services include internet marketing, PPC management, SEO and interactive coding among others.

Company approach

The web industry is ever changing and for that reason any good firm should be up to date with the latest technology. Only an updated firm will be in a position to design a website that matches the latest trends even consumers are familiar with. An innovative approach to your project will in the end fetch you a fresh and unique website your visitor and customers will love.

Success measure


What your web designer uses as a measure for success can determine the results you get in the end. In as much as your website needs to look amazing, it should also work in a way that benefits your brand. A good firm should not only be inclined to feel and look of the website when it comes to success, but should also have a strategy to increase traffic to the site, increase sales conversion rates and reduce bounce rates. If none of these issues come up in your discussions with the company, then it would be a good idea to try the next one.

Content management system

The last thing you want is to buy a management system that is proprietary which could mean being stuck with the company for good. A good company should offer you freedom by creating your website on the most common and reliable management systems like Drupal, WordPress and Modx. The good thing about this system is that they are reliable and backed by thousands of users, so you are able to grow with your site. A good and reliable web design company should understand the systems and should be able to take you through them until you are satisfied and able to make your choice.

Core competence, project management and ongoing costs are some of the other things you should check with the web design specialists before making your choice. You of course can’t go wrong with any of the companies in our list, but the final decision lies with you and you need to know how to select the best for your website.

FAQ About Finding Web Design Agency

When looking for web design services, there are common questions that most people ask. Below are some of the most commonly asked questions and their answers:

Q: How much will my website cost?

A: There is really no single figure that can be termed as the standard cost for services. Different companies will charge differently based on a number of aspects. It is important to first remember that web design firms use different approaches to achieve the goals of their clients. Some may have in-house specialists as well as content writers while others may end up outsourcing their business. Another factor that can make the rates vary is how the company charges. Some may set a certain amount for the entire project while others may charge hourly or monthly.

Other variables that can determine the price you pay for your website include whether it is being created from scratch or you want improvements done on an existing website, whether you only want a design or want other services like content writing as well and the platform you want your website to be on. Your needs will basically determine the pricing you get meaning the more your requirements the more you may end up paying for them.

Q: How should my design look?

A: When it comes to the look of your website, your targeted audience should be put into consideration. The design should attract your targeted audience and maintain their interest to the end. It should also be user friendly for this to happen; for example, it should be able to load fast enough and offer easy navigation to the users. The type of website you want should determine the design that is best. For instance a website that is e-commerce inclined should go for SEO web design for the sake of rankings on popular search engines. If your website is more into entertainment, then a funky design with beautiful images can work best. Let the website match your brand and be good enough to achieve your goals.

Q: How long will it take to create my website?

A: Remember that a good website takes lots of steps and the process can be long depending on what you are looking to achieve. Your web design experts will begin by understanding your brand, your visions and goals so there is a clear picture of what you expect from the website. Research follows followed by wire frame proposal and revision. Your website will then be built and developed then modifications done. Usually, you would have to be patient because it can take several weeks before the website is up and running.

The process can take around 12 weeks, maybe longer or shorter; it all depends on the web designer, the goals that need to be achieved and other important variables.  A company that has departments that are well-staffed may be able to finish your project faster compared to one that has only a few handling all the details.

The Importance Of Web Design and Choosing the right Web Designer

Web design is a very important aspect that should be considered by all companies looking to have an online presence that drives positive traffic their way. A functional website that does not look attractive or professional may not yield the results that you are looking for hence the reason why you should find a web design company that will create a website that does all the work for your brand. If you are still wondering why you should pay a considerable amount just to have a website professionally created, here are a few reasons why it is worthwhile.

It improves usability and navigation

Nothing can be more frustrating than a disorganized website where it is too tedious to find what you are looking for. Professional web design services help in making your website user friendly, so there is easy navigation and smooth flow of content. A cluttered and chaotic website only robs you of valuable traffic.

It helps with search engine optimization

There is really no reason to have a website if you will not be found by your target audience. Through a good web design agency, you will have your content optimized and the right web elements incorporated so you are ranked on search engine results pages. The specialists ensure all on-page SEO fundamentals are in check to keep you visible.

It maintains coherence and consistency

Web design done by professionals ensures that all your web pages remain consistent and coherent, so your visitors do not have any reason to move to the next available option. The specialists ensure everything, including fonts, colors, style and content remain consistent so everything is streamlined. Generally, web design minimizes distractions that could end up in lost leads.

It creates trust among customers

Humans are naturally visual and you will be judged by how your website looks even before they get to read the content. Web design specialists work their best to give a positive first impression to every user visiting your site so they last long enough to take the intended action. Happy customers are very valuable to any business because it means apart from giving you business they can bring you business by means of referrals. A well-designed website pushes potential customers down your sales funnel which is very important.

It keeps you afloat of competition

If you drag in terms of what you have to offer your customers and potentials, your competitors will and you will lose business. An amateur website can never compete with a professionally created website and people always look for professionalism before anything else. Wed design companies offer services that help you stay afloat no matter how stiff the competition is. By using the latest technologies and approaches, you can be sure to be at par with industry expectations and this is always good for business.